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Upgrades for Fluorescent Lighting Systems 2011 Rebate Info


  • Lamp and Ballast Upgrade
    High Performance T8   HPT8
    Energy savings of 30 to 40 percent

    With a $15.00 rebate from NYSERDA existing facilities can replace aging T-12 systems and save big. Paybacks are 1 to 2 years for ballast, lamps and labor. In order to qualify the system benefit charge must be on your utility bill. Many customers can convert 8' T12 strip systems to a tandem 4' HPT8 system. New strip fixtures qualify for a $20.00 rebate and pay for almost half the cost of a new fixture. The bottom line is we can save you money now on new lighting and you will save thousands over the life of the system in energy cost.
  • NYSERDA Rebate Program Expanded in 2009
    Design Incentives for reducing watts per square foot drive the market to higher standards of efficiency. Additional incentives are offered for lighting controls and dimming ballast that work with day lighting systems. We can have a no cost estimate, including a computer photometric design and NYSERDA Life Cycle Analyses prepared. This analyses includes a lighting audit and new design proposal. For more detailed information about the HPT8 system visit www.cee1.org

New York Energy $martSM Program Helping State Energy Consumers Take on Energy Issues

This Program has helped customers achieve $570 million in annual energy savings

For more information about NYSERDA and the New York Energy $martSM Program, please visit www.nyserda.org.